Friday, January 14, 2005

Not a Linguistic Blog anymore?!

Searching for a job is easy; however, to find a job that I really like and wish to devote myself in is not as easy as I thought.   However, finally, I found one! and now I am working as a senior English editor in a English textbook and magazine company, which you can find here at

I actually tried to find a job related to CALL-Computer Assisted Language Learning; While I was searching for it, I found now many companies and schools in Taiwan are trying to integrate classroom English learning with online technology.   The term, e-learning, becomes very popular.   However, it seems like different companies are trying to develop different kinds of online learning system, and most of them are still paying more attention on the presentation of lessons to learners and ignore the more effective side of CALL (interactive and experience learning).

While surving in the EVO 2005 yahoo group, a question 'how does a blog different from a forum?' caught my eye, and I did spend some time thinkging about this question. Except for the sense of 'ownership' that learners can have during the process of learning, what benefits are worth of talking about? and more, I also though of the courseware of Moodle and blackboard where teachers can post lessons, discussion topics, and other extra materials online. Without trying to figure out different features of forums, blogs, and online courseware, teachers can definately make good use of these 'free' resources and upgrade our teaching quality.

So... the main reason, or the most reasonable reason, for companies and schools to hire professionals of IT and develop a new, hopefully a better online learning system is to create or enlarge the market.

The goal is to 'attract customers and earn money'!! I was actually hoping 'probably I can learn something' from my job if I could find something related to CALL; however, while sitting in front of the managers and listening to the description of how they want their E-learning products to be, the only feeling I had at that time is 'I will not be able to fit in this place!"

Anyway...although I didn't step on the route that I planned, I chose another one that I am also interested in. (reading and writing). I am thinking...probably this blog shouldn't be called 'linguistic blog' anymore :P cuz I am really not sure whether I will still write something about teaching and CALL in the future.




Blogger Peng said...


Long time no see u.Read yuor article let me think of my situation right now.
To find a job that suitable for yourself is very difficult.If you are lucky,you can find it as soon as fast.But in the most of cases,everybody usually track job time and time again.
I think that none of job suitable for us,the only thing that we can do is trying our best to adapt our job.

good luck to u!


9:30 AM  
Blogger EFL Geek said...

Good Luck with your future. I hope you will continue to write about linguistics & CALL but I understand that if you are not working in the industry it may be difficult to keep up an interest.

1:12 AM  
Blogger Y.H.Stella Chen said...

hi Peng,
thank you for coming here and say hi. yes. sure there is no one job that is as perfect as we want it to be. I will do my best to learn more from that job.

Please take care


2:07 AM  
Blogger Y.H.Stella Chen said...

hi Blinger,
Actually I am still reading something about teaching because i am also teaching adutls english right now. Now I am trying think of a way to integrate blogs and audio conferencing to my teaching. For sure that I will be writing some of my experiences here, but probably will need some time.

2:15 AM  
Blogger Peng said...

funny for "as soon as fast"...sorry!
I should be writing "as soon as u can" down.

7:06 AM  

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