Friday, October 22, 2004

LookWayup online concordance

Yesterday I got an email from Tony, who told me that he read my published article about concordance the other day and recommand the LOOKWAYUP online concordance. I went to the website to have a look; I actually found it amazing that this online concordance is quite easy to use. User just need to install it to the browser and only by double click they can look up words. If you would like to have a try before you install it, you can come to this page; simply try to double click anyword you want to look for meanings! Also, you can listen to the pronunciation of words as well.

This is certainly a very good tool for language learners! one thing that concordance benefit language learning is it tends to offer authentic sentences or contexts. Usually dictionaries can only give at most 3 sentence examples for each word entry; and those sentences are usually artificial...

However, learners still need to be trained prior to the use of concordance for they will be exposed to very large amount of data. I am still looking for a suitable online concordance that is suitable for EFL learners, especially for younger one.


Blogger EFL Geek said...


Are you still around? I hope you haven't stopped your blog. Hmmm... maybe you are just very very busy.

11:44 PM  
Blogger Y.H.Stella Chen said...

Hi, Blinger,

Yes. I am still here. Going to graduate soon, working on my thesis!! sooo busy. I will certainly keep blogging as long as I survive. (Will finish everything next week). Hope your daughter is doing fine (saw that in your blog). ok! go back to work.


4:27 AM  

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