Saturday, October 16, 2004

Culture and Language Teaching Through Electronic Technology

Authough more language teachers now acknowledge the importance of communicative language teaching, that focus on learners' communicative competence; for the limitation of traditional classroom where interaction mode tend to be liner, teachers do feel difficulties to promote learners' communicative competence; this is especially the case for teachers who teach English as a foreign language; interactions that allow langauge practice is usually insufficient.

The constrains that makes the practice of communicative language teaching difficult usually become an excuse that justify 'focusing on form accuracy' teaching.

Using CMC tools for langauge teaching is proposed by lots of reserachers; however, most articles focus on the suggestion that CMC encouraging more interaction among students can helop promote learners linguistic knowledge. I recently have uploaded some CMC articles here.

Today, I finally saw an article talking about the use of technology to teach pragmatic. It is a research article that discusses about an experiment on the electronic communication effect on Arab students' pragmatic learning. The conclusion is : electronic communication can make the gap between two cultures smaller.


Blogger EFL Geek said...

You said that you uploaded some articles? I couldn't find any links... could you direct me to them. Thanks.

12:30 AM  
Blogger Y.H.Stella Chen said...

hi Blinger,
they are at the sidebar on your right side. I am still looking for some more for my paper; as soon as I finish my paper, I will add some more here

2:40 AM  

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