Tuesday, September 21, 2004

CALL for Teachers of Ethnic Communities

CALL can certainly help supporting indigenous or less commonly taught languages such like Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Hungarian...and etc. For this semester, we are doing a CALL project which is going to provide teachers who teach less commonly taught languages new perspectives on CALL.

However, it is really quite depressing that not many schools have sufficient technology facility to support. Or teachers still prefer traditional teaching (eg. use textbooks, blackboard...). It, therefore, becomes so difficult to build something...i mean..if we do not know what our clients want, how can we have something terrific come out??

Anyway...if you accidently see this blog and you are also teaching languages other than English, you may find something very interesing and helpful in this community CALL for Teachers of Ethnic Communities . Please come by and let's have a talk!!


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