Thursday, December 16, 2004

Teachers should not just provide knowledge-the role of LLS(language learning strategy)

Warden wrote his opinion about the diverse research arguments for the impact of grammatical correction on language learners' learning.

"By citing a few others who tell their opinions and a couple studies that failed to find a significant influence from grammar correction, a conclusion is reached that it doesn't work. The problem with this logic is that not finding something does not prove it is not there, and you need to compare it to something else to understand which method is more effective. NO DIFFERENCE means all methods are equal. Call them bad or call them good--it is the same"

I believe many language teachers must find language learning theories not as helpful as they should be in practical classroom settings; after all, learners are individuals. I've always struggled to use different teaching techniques on different learners or in different classrooms. Just as Warden suggested learners in different cultures may prefer different kinds of learning ways.

There are also several articles suggest the importance of training learners to learn in a certain way. To teach learners how to learn (learning strategy) should be more helpful than just pouring knowledge to them and expect them to absorb everything.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

lifetime career..must be a great one!

Haven't updated for a long time!! I went back to Taiwan for one month and came back to Melbourne yesterday (with my Mom). The 12 -hour flight almost killed me..felt so tired!
Well, I actually have finished everything is my graduation ceremony!! [:)], which means I will finally get my degree today!! After the ceremony, I will travel around Melbourne with my Mom for about 1 week and then will back to Taiwan; hopefully I can find a good job afterward.
What kind of job that I may be interested in? Well, it's still in the air; however, I think I may try to do something different... hmm... it will be a lifetime career..I should choose something that I really like!